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Leo Bieber’s studio specialises in still-life photography of High Jewellery. With over a decade of international experience, his expertise lies in creating lighting designs and background sets, which elevate the aesthetic power of jewellery and precious stones. Leo’s unique perspective and client-focused approach have led him to enjoy on-going collaborations with the world’s leading Jewellery Houses, including Graff, Hemmerle, David Webb, Doris Hangartner, Glenn Spiro, Chatila, Gemfields, Moussaieff, Symbolic and Chase, The Diamond Producers Association and many more.

Combining art with science, Leo creates the entire image “in-camera” using little to no digital enhancements. He uses his gemmological knowledge and extensive experience of photographing exceptional jewellery to create layers of light and haze that compliment the crystal structure of specific gemstones. He rejects the photographic approach of instant exposure through flash, preferring to “paint” with continuous lighting through a precise control of the light’s intensity, direction and temperature. This meticulous approach gives Leo’s photographs of jewellery a natural and tangible quality – the closest feeling to experiencing a jewel in person.

We bring innovation, enthusiasm and creativity to every brief, creating eloquent and compelling images for both editorial and commercial projects. If the studio’s expertise can be of assistance, please write to

Clients Past and Present

Alexandra Mollof

Amanda Wakely

Amandine Mallen, Jeweller


Annoushka, Jewellery


Asscher, The Royal Asscher

Atea Oceanie

Beulah London

Birch Studio Ltd

Blonstein PR

Boghossian Jewels

Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery

British Fashion Council

British Museum

Cesare Lampronti Gallery

Chatila, Jeweller

Cora Sheibani, Jeweller

Daou Jewellery

David Morris

David Webb

Doris Hangartner, Jeweller

Elle Décoration, Magazine

Fabio Salini, Jeweller

Fernando Jorge

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

G London, Jewellery


Georgina Boyce Fine Jewellery

Glenn Spiro, Jeweller

Graff Diamonds


House of Eleonore, Jewellery

House of Meraki, Emeralds

INDTL, Jewellery Magazine

Jessica Pass

Jewellery Theatre, Jewellery

Julia Lloyd George, Jeweller

Kiki Mcdonough, Jeweller

Knight Frank

Laurence Coste Jewellery

Lorraine Schwartz

Mata Hari Fine Jewellery

Matrushka, Design

Max Rutherston Gallery

Maxim Voznesensky, Jeweller

Michele Beiny

Moussaeiff, Jewellery

Pragnell, Jewellery

Raleigh Goss

Sarah Ho, Jewellery

Studio Quagli

Symbolic and Chase

Tania Vartan, Interior Design

The Jewish Museum, New York

The London Workshop

The V&A Museum, London

Thomas Greenaway Mosaics

Vanleles Fine Jewellery

Wall Street Journal

Yael Smouha Jewellery

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